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Beach Cleanups



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What We Do

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Beach Cleanups

From the birth of OCEAN PATROL in May 2021, over 250 volunteers joined us mobilizing to clean the beaches from north to south of Peniche, Portugal, removing a total of 3 tons of garbage from the coastline. Get to know us and how to be evolved.

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Raising Awareness

Through environmental awareness campaigns on fish consumption, plastic use and other issues, OCEAN PATROL calls for responsible action from the general community & civil society. 

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Building A Community

We aim to be the connection, to create the possibility of change, in collaboration with similar organizations, movements or initiatives, public or private entities in the country or abroad and integrate national or international federations that follow within its intervention objectives.

How OPAA Work?

We are on a mission to defend, conserve and protect the ocean and marine wildlife. 

Through the development of research, conservation & sustainability projects, campaigns, environmental education, activators of social involvement, Ocean Patrol undertakes concrete steps to improve the situation for wildlife and world’s oceans.
Ocean Patrol focuses on the reduction of plastic and pollution of the oceans and promote actions that contribute to halting and reversing environmental degradation and unsustainability in the use of natural resources, promoting sustainable development based on principles of environmental citizenship, civic education, reduction of production and consumption and circular economy, with the objective to respect the limits of the planet and promote responsibility, sustainability, equity and social cohesion.

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